Why Are You Self-Conscious About Your Body?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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Humanity evolved as our mind began developing techniques that used fire and tools, and as the cognitive parts of the brain evolved to the size it is now, the mind began creating a sense of self.

The brainstem, or “primitive functions computing center,” has been around since the beginning. Most animals on earth are limited to having only this part of the brain.

The frontal lobe and other ‘fleshy’ parts of the brain we developed as we rose to the top of the food chain, going from prey to ‘king of the food chain,’ sparked this creation.

With it came thoughts about the self, and from there, our realities have been shaped through these thoughts, including those about body image.

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What Does Self-Conscious about Your Body Mean?

This can describe a few different situations, and the most basic is the concept of self-awareness, in which the body and mind are aware of their relationship with the world around them.

Another involves one image, how they fit in the world, and do they look the part. These social concepts stem from the need to be apart from the village, to maintain a sense of safety in the common behaviors of one another, and to identify when a threat is among them.

Therefore, we must remember where this is rooted as we evolve and move toward the future.


How can you Stop Being Self-Conscious about Your Body?

This starts accepting the body that you have and all its imperfections. Then, like in a relationship with a significant other, you must overlook the bad things and focus on the good ones.

Meaning if you are considered ugly, use it, become an actor, and let those make-up artists turn you into an Orc from Mordor or similar type roles, making positive use of what might be considered negative.

Next, you can begin thinking about ways of improving yourself, which can take the form of working out, starting a new hobby, or even making a drastic change in your career or living situation.


How do You Start?

The first place to start is with the simple things; a good place will be by removing comparison from your mind. Stop comparing your body to others. At this point, your body has become what it is, and the best part is there are going to be many people that think the same as you.

Next, begin formulating a plan to reach the health goals you wish to reach, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to reach those goals.

Think long-term. For example, I am going to live to be one hundred and eleven, and to reach that magical age, as Bilbo Baggins did, you will have to make a few things happen.


How Long Does it Take to Stop?

There is no definite timeline for people when it comes to fixing or handling their mental issues, and each condition is unique to the person that is suffering from them.

The focus should be on working on daily improvements, finding ways each day to improve the body or mind, and simple tasks like going for walks or playing a brain trainer game.

The key to success will be to shift the person’s perspective on body image, then how to perceive themselves in a social setting, especially when it comes to the need to be ‘sexy’ or ‘good looking’ to those around you.

There is a major perception out there that you will need to be attractive all the time. Once you are able to break this idealism, it will set you free from the pressures of society.


Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The first and most common mistake that many will make is putting pressure on themselves, and there is plenty of pressure from the outside world that adding to it yourself is a mistake.

Instead, focus on what you are looking for in life if you are going on a date. Dressing up might be the key to setting yourself apart from the other potential suitors.

Another mistake, to go along with the first, would be to rush yourself; there is a reason for long-term goals being set far into the future. It gives you time to work on the routines needed to complete these goals. Rushing can result in injury but also burnout.


Final Thoughts on Why are You Self-Conscious about Your Body

The thing is, we will always have a level of self-awareness or self-consciousness unless knocked unconscious.

Joking aside, as advanced earth beings, we have been given the ability to think and create outside of our physical reality, something the rest of the animal kingdom has yet to achieve.

Every comic book and the graphic novel reader knows; With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.