Why Are You So Self-Conscious and Insecure?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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This is an issue that many face on a daily basis. It stems from the need to be safe; safety for early man was in numbers before we understood the use of tools and fire.

To be a part of the group, you must behave like those in the group, most often the prominent members of the group.

Monkeys see, monkeys do. As the saying goes, later, as we became the modern humans of today and the creation of sophisticated social constructs and civilization behaviors forced communities to behave and believe the same as one another.

It made it easier to identify outsiders, keeping threats away from children and food.

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What is the Difference Between Self-Consciousness vs. Insecure? 

Self-consciousness is something that every human was born with once the ability of our brains evolved into being. These differences come with the levels of self-awareness and how to deal with these various depths of thought.

Insecurities come from basic events that cause trauma, resulting in fear and doubt, such as when a bully first makes fun of your clothes. Instantly, you begin to be self-conscious about the clothing you picked or provided, to which you formulate an option.

Do you take this bully seriously, or tell him that you like your look and walk by them confidently?


Can You ever Stop being Insecure and Self-Conscious?

The thing is that there is no state of mind besides being knocked out cold or blackout-drunk, for example, in which the mind is not conscious of the body and itself. There is always going to be some form of self-awareness, even when impaired.

Insecurities will come and go as we age. When young, there might be times that we are insecure about the lack of experience with life, then as we get into the golden years of life, we might become insecure about walking down the stairs.

There are going to be different circumstances and situations that will create and remove insecurities, and we grow as we experience things and age.


Are there Any Exercises That Can Help You?

This will vary depending on the individual that is looking for an exercise routine. A good starting point will always be, to begin with taking walks and gradually extending the length and duration of those walks.

Must go on to jog these pre-walked routes, while others seek the help of a trainer or gym, to which the intensity gets ramped up along with weightlifting techniques.

Getting into shape and seeing the results in energy levels and other places in the body will create a sense of self-improvement and confidence and a way to show self-love.

Even just being more active each week can create this same sense of improvement, with similar energy improvement results.


What can Help You Stop Feeling That Way?

There are going to be multiple ways for this to happen. In some severe cases, an individual will need medications to help deal with these mental issues, and many can seek other means.

Take, for example, the young person getting confronted with their clothing. Instead of becoming upset, they decide to begin wearing even more ridiculous outfits, not even a glimmer of lost confidence on their face.

Others become insecure about what they wear and begin looking in magazines and for models to base their clothing style and fashion sense. Then return to school with socially acceptable clothing to bypass the bully’s attention and fit in.


How Long Does it Take to Stop Being Like that?

This is going to be on a person-by-person basis, and everyone has experienced different things and similar things differently. The individual will have to work through their lows and traumas, facing the emotions that are shaping thoughts and reactions to certain situations.

The insecurities normally stem from an instance that created a negative emotional response, which has created a multitude of other insecurities.

For instance, a person becoming aware they wear ‘rags for clothes’ may ask for new clothes, to find out their family is poor and unable to do so, which might create another insecurity.

To stop this cycle, a person must learn and teach children to be okay with what they have but seek a better understanding of life.


Final Thoughts on Why are You so Self-Conscious and Insecure

We as a species had many hoops to jump through before the cultivation of fire, and the usage of tools changed the playing field, leading to humanity’s ascent to the top of the food chain.

However, we were insecure about being eaten, which can still be felt on a camping trip when a wolf howls in the night. We have these instincts embedded in our DNA, which we will begin to understand as we progress to the future.