How To Be More Conscious Of What You Say?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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To start, a person must understand the concept of self-awareness, which can be defined as a conscious knowledge of one’s own character, emotions, drive, and desires.

Developing a sense of one’s own actions and why one performs them will allow a mind to grow. For example, you will notice a change when you catch yourself swearing or becoming negative toward another individual.

Everyone is given a different set of circumstances to deal with, many of which will leave mental scars on those individuals.

The first steps will be becoming aware of these states of mind, learning to let go, and finding simpler means of reacting to the world, focusing on not adding to the chaos and suffering.

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How to Start

The first step, as mentioned before, will be to meet with someone to speak about these concepts. Certain cultures will guide a person to a path of non-violence and compassion, speaking on principles that include compassion, generosity, and united communities.

Once you find a path you wish to take, concentrate on the prayer and meditative practices the medicine minds are willing to offer. These gurus, or spiritual guides, will have taken many of the same steps you wish to take and can offer advice along your journey.

You will then need to develop a routine, a morning set of actions to start the day off on a good note, but then certain structured actions throughout the day created to keep the mind in a positive and well-working mindset.


Can You Exercise to be More Conscious?

Regular exercise and daily activity will come with certain benefits, including improved mental facilities but also other bodily improvements.

For example, the improvements to the blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain allow the mind to develop and strengthen senses, including self-awareness and consciousness.

Some forms of martial arts, including Tai Chi, can be used to meditate in motion. The forms and patterns help a person comb their fields of energy, untangling any knots as if they were muscles, to which the body and mind respond positively.

Tai Chi is the only option. A popular exercise today will be Yoga, the Hindi practice of stretching meditation.


What Do You Need to Focus on?

One focus should be on self-improvement. This means keeping the mind on improving every day, being better than the last day.

This can be accomplished easily, and a person brushing their teeth each day will be considered an improvement. The level at which you wish to improve will depend on the individual.

Take the American athlete, for example, Kobe Bryant and his Mamba mentality, and he put every ounce into becoming the best basketball player possible.

Zen Buddhists will contend that individuals will need to focus on the simple things, keeping actions and thoughts peaceful and positive yet maintaining awareness of the uglier events of the world.


Are There Any Books That Can Help you?

There are many kinds of literature concerning training the mind and becoming more aware of your thoughts and actions.

When initiating a research project on psychological actions and concepts of self-awareness and consciousness, be sure to keep your mind open to ideas from healthy cultures around the world.

Be careful who you listen to, and there are going to be pieces of literature that will guide you into believing that acting against the laws of nature is acceptable. However, these ideals have not been proven and need to be read with certain scrutiny.


Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid


  • Rushing yourself – The process of becoming more relaxed and focused takes time and effort in practice and execution, but remember to be nice to yourself throughout the process and add unnecessary pressure on yourself.
  • Being too strict on the self – Not all of us are Buddhist masters, nor are we all gurus or experts; therefore, being too strict on yourself can cause stress instead of relief, work on balance, and moderation.
  • Expecting others to understand – The world is a tough place, and many will not agree with a simplified version of living nor give up today’s luxuries and adrenaline-pumping activities.


Final Thoughts on How to be More Conscious of What you Say

The best plan for a person looking to become spiritual or just becoming mentally sharper and more aware of their effect on the world will be to seek a medicine or civil leader.

The change in perspective might provide enough of a jostling to shake reality into place. Sometimes, all a person needs is to see it from another point of view.

This does not mean you have to convert to their religion, but seeing the world through a positive person’s eyes can lend you perspective on what you should be grateful for.

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