How To Change Your Perception Of Life?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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There are many ways to change how you look at the world. The most effective will be to travel and submerge yourself in new cultures and ways of living.

If you have reached a point at which you need out of your tribe or just a change of scenery, traveling will be the most effective means of doing so.

Otherwise, there will be a need for a change in some aspects of your life, including recreation or social habits. When an effective and healthy life-altering habit is formed, this will undoubtedly change a person’s perspective on life.

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What is the First Thing You Should Do?

The first step to changing one’s point of view on life will be to take in something new, which can be something as simple as a new story in the form of a film or otherwise. Escaping into a book can give the mind a place to form new ideas, thoughts, and perspectives on the world.

Another good first step for a particularly impactful need of change would be to move places of residence. Even in the same town, a change of scenery will most certainly provide the atmosphere for the desired change in mindset.


How Fast Can You Change Your Perception?

We must first understand the degree of change being spoken about to answer this. A simple, easy change in perspective can be as easy as experiencing or learning something new.

As a child, for example, that first taste of sour will always leave us with a pucker face and change the way we see the world of flavor.

Even as an adult, experiencing a new flavor will change our perspective on life to a degree, but if we are to effect a lasting change of perspective, it will need to be impactful.

Unfortunately, most of humanity will not change unless pushed to the brink or pressured enough into evolving, to which most will need to take actions such as getting a new job or starting a new relationship.


Can You Train Your Perception?

There are going to be mind-training techniques from various cultures around the world that will have ways for people to practice changing perceptions.

The most effective way is through meditation and prayer, which both provide a clear and calm mind to those able to utilize these forms of mind training.

There will also be classes and organizations that you can join that will test your body, mind, and other parts of yourself in an effort to give you a new perspective and meaning to life. These places, like an athletic club, will create a new you if commitment can be achieved.


What are the Five Stages of Perception?

When referring to perception, we are talking about how humans see and relate to the world through experiences and their senses. All of which can be put into a set of five stages of perception.


  1. Stimulation – The senses in a person must first receive stimuli to begin the resulting process from what the sense is reacting to.
  2. Organization – Your brain receives boatloads of data spread out all over the body, which will create mental representations of the stimulus experienced, becoming a precept.
  3. Interpretation – The brain can organize stimuli, but this can lead to misinterpretations, biases, and stereotypes when evaluating one’s precepts.
  4. Memory – the body will store events and moments in the brain in the form of memories that build associations and reactions.
  5. Recall – This is when a person reflects on their memories and evaluates them and their life story.


What Happens When You Change Your Perception of Life?

This will depend on the manner in which a person’s perception changes. Most, in the beginning, are going to be negative from either starting out bad or realizing slowly but surely the world is not perfect as you once thought.

Negative changes will sometimes drive a person into bad habits, and others will be motivated to make things better and be inspired to reach new heights.

Then you have positive changes, which can be just the things many of us need. Once we can see the world for what it is and see the value in what we have, happiness is bound to follow.


Final Thoughts on How to Change Your Perception of Life 

Life is full of moments that will change how one sees the world but also provide the chance to perceive the world differently.

Traveling and seeing a plethora of different cultures and people will certainly change your perspective on life. For the most part, living is not easy, even when you have ‘unlimited’ resources or none.

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