How To Deal With Relatives That Insult You?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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Not every family gets along, and not every family has a witty way of dealing with everyday issues, but there are things an individual as a relative can do to protect themselves.

One is knowing the benefits of mental health exercises, the benefits of staying positive, and the power of a healthy mind, even when bombarded with negativity.

Another, more direct way to deal with these insults is to speak to these relatives in person. If they are not willing to subject you to their insults, face to face, you have won a non-violent victory and give them a hug.


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What Can You do?

The most important thing is to remember no matter what is said, a person does not lose their worth, especially if it is not true but rather opinion or rumor.

As the old twenty-dollar bill lesson goes, you can crumple and fold a twenty-dollar bill. Even stomp on it, roll it in the dirt, and that twenty-dollar bill will still be worth twenty dollars.

There are certain things that can be done to heal and fix the rifts between family members; the first step would be to admit any wrongdoing done in the offense of the relative, including slander and defacing. The next step would be to find a route to forgiveness.


How Do You Express Your Thoughts?

There will be two routes discussed that can help individuals express their feelings and thoughts on a situation or a person’s behavior.

One is to have a family meeting. Usually, a father or mother can delegate and moderate one of these, and the relatives express how they feel about the state of affairs within the family.

Another is to have a third-party member be present to moderate the conversation and help avoid any messy altercations of any sort arising. This will normally cost a certain amount of money to hire a professional to guide the group therapy session.


What if Communicating Does not Help?

There are going to be situations where even effective communication techniques will fall short in fixing the issues; maybe there is a cut that went too deep or an insult too raw.

This will require therapy or time to allow a person to heal from the damage, but it will take sincere effort on both parties’ part to make this happen.

The person involved will need to figure out an alternative route to healing the rift; even if the insulting party knows they are in the wrong, there can be time for apology and forgiveness.


Should you just Stop Seeing Them?

Usually, at the end of a relationship, there is a reason like ineffective communication, and expectations can force one or the other way.

If the person, or relative, is not going to behave and make sure there is sincerity in healing the rift, seizing to see this toxic person will benefit one’s mental health and overall well-being.

As mentioned before, it is very important for a person that is dealing with a bombardment of insults to maintain a level of self-worth and to tell the truth, even if an insult is about a true mistake made out of whatever intent.


What if You Ignore it?

There can be certain consequences from ignoring a person’s, especially a relative’s, remarks about one another. However, real healing can only be when the two parties come together and figure out each other’s differences.

Ignoring it can be a tactic if all other routes to diplomacy have been exhausted; some people are just built for conflict and will argue just for argument’s sake.

This is especially effective when the person in question will not listen to reason or anyone else when it comes to the situation at hand.

There are going to be other factors that will make ignoring a person worthwhile but others where it will be detrimental to the family’s well-being.


Final Thoughts on How to Deal With Relatives that Insult You

There are going to be a rare few families that are close, even fewer that are close enough to trust one another even unto their last breath.

But, unfortunately, this will not be the case for every family, and even the close ones have that ‘black sheep’ that cannot seem to get it together.

There will be things said that are not always nice, but the key is to control yourself and not sink to the level of the person doing the insult.

Maintaining a sense of self-worth and confronting the issue will strike a mature blow to the credibility of the agitator, especially if they cannot repeat said insults to your face.

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