How to Deal with Toxic Sisters

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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There are not going to be perfect people everywhere you go, and this is most certainly the case in most families. There are some siblings that will take offense, become a black sheep, or are from a past marriage that will not be exactly like their relatives.

In conclusion, these toxic traits can often be the effects of mental illness and manifest themselves in negative emotional patterns.

Most of the time, the best way to deal with toxic sisters would be to be cordial when attending formal events, family get-togethers, and even when speaking online; but not allow for their negativity or malice to become the point in which they control the relationship.

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How Do You Approach This Issue?

If there is an issue, the person who has it will be responsible for addressing it. If you, as the toxic person’s relative, do not have any issues and prefer to keep your distance, then do so.

This will, in effect, allow that toxic person to exist and deal with their personal choices and the ramifications of those choices.

If they end up having an issue with you, allow them to address it and do your best to find a mutually beneficial solution to the problem.

Otherwise, there is no need to engage the toxic person.


How Should You Express Your Issues with Them?

If you find yourself needing to address an issue, then the best way to do so will be to speak to them face to face.

If this could lead to a physical altercation, then a third party would be savvy to have a presence. Think of purchasing a mediator’s time to provide an impartial perspective on the situation.

From there, a person will need to be allowed the chance to tell the story from their perspective and then have the other person do the same.

Finally, a therapist or other form of a mediator will have the chance to examine the situation and provide common details to provide insight for both parties that would otherwise not be given.


How Can You Fix This?

Fixing the issues between siblings can be fun or hard, depending on the relationship between them.

If there is a negative, even if it has caused trauma to a degree, there may be some hard feelings that need to be worked through. Other times, having a holiday or birthday to come together and enjoy a positive, fun event can provide the right kind of environment.

The real healing comes when the two sides decide that the person is more important than any conflict or ‘win’ could ever possibly be. Normally, apologies being exchanged will give the siblings a chance to know this fact.


What if a Direct Confrontation Does not Work?

If you go to a person to find a resolution but only find that the behavior continues in a toxic manner, then the best thing to do is cut them out of your life.

If they are not willing to set aside their differences for common peace of mind and support, then there is no need to have them around your daily person.

When you see them at mutually invited events, politeness and distance will be the key to maintaining calm and getting through without confrontation or fighting. There is no means to control another person that is ethical or moral in a human civil right mindset.


How Long Does it Take to Fix It?

The hard part about trying to repair a relationship, in general, would be finding a positive emotion to share, such as a fond memory or activity done together.

Unfortunately, this can take years, even a lifetime, to achieve, depending on the severity of the trauma or indignity caused to the other.

There are no true, one hundred percent guaranteed methods to fix a relationship with someone or deal with a toxic personality.

True power comes from the ability to discipline oneself, keep a calm and sharp mind, and then make the best choices for mental health and general well-being.


Final thoughts on Dealing with Toxic Sisters

Some relationships are priceless and worth making an effort to fix and repair. Other times there is just no helping it when a person decides to be toxic and unyielding to intervention.

If there are substances involved, the best policy might be to send this individual to a rehabilitation center which could fix an issue with a sibling.

Other forms of healing can come in the form of holidays, celebrations, spiritual or other gatherings, and taking the time to talk things out and find common solutions.

Finally, the priceless thing about family is that they love you unconditionally and will be there no matter what.

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