How To Feel Myself Again?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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There are going to be many times in a person’s life when they are faced with tough choices and experience traumatic events. As we grow older, it takes time to heal from the personal hurts and troubles that plague one’s minds.

The first step in healing is acknowledging a problem that requires attention, which can be through therapy, medications or alternative medicines, or even through spiritual avenues. Then, when it comes down to it, there is only self-reflection and rebuilding of that self.

Certain cultures use gold to fuse the broken pieces of their dishes as a metaphor for the self, and you only appreciate the damage.

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What’s the First Thing you Need to Do?

The most important thing to do is to inform loved ones and friends about the condition you are in and thus acknowledge that the issue or mental health problem exists.

From there, getting help with any emotional, mental, physical, or even spiritual healing will have the support of those closest to you.

This step is crucial in the fact that healing comes from within yourself, your family, and your community. However, these healing processes can take a long time, depending on the damage and trauma the patient suffered.


How Long Does it Take?

There is no set amount of time for the grieving process to conclude. But, for many, there will be a scare-like remembrance of the trauma suffered, to which healing comes in the form of adapting to mental changes caused by these sorts of events.

Healing comes from talking to the right people, getting doctors’ insight and diagnosis, along with learning to treat one’s mind and body with care.

There are going to be certain side effects from these traumatic events to which professional healing will need to be sought, attended, and accepted. It could take weeks, months, or years, but in time everyone heals.


How Can You Fix This?

The person with the mental illness will need to understand that it is a mature move to seek professional help, go to therapy, or at least see the doctor.

The years of medical school are enforced for a reason, in that these men and women are the most knowledgeable and will more than likely be able to help a patient.

From there, a doctor will prescribe a method of healing which will sometimes include therapy and medications. Even so, the path to finding oneself comes from self-reflection and understanding one’s own needs.


Should You Ask Other People for Help?

The hardest thing to do in life is to ask for help, and an element of embarrassment and ego can cause a human being to ignore basic group survival instincts. The smartest thing to do is to ask and get help when it is really needed.

Some folks would not know they have mental issues until they meet with a licensed professional informing them of what is causing the problems.

Sometimes family or friends will be able to empathize with you and help you find the medical attention needed to heal from the illness.


Things That Can Help You Feel Yourself Again

For many, there are going to be certain activities, tastes, smells, sounds, or else wise that bring back better feelings and memories from life.

For example, music can bring an intrinsic positive feeling that is associated with an activity or event experienced at one time or another in their life.

Other things can be visiting family, eating comfort food, smoking a fine pipe, or sitting in front of a fireplace. What helps a human mind is finding the pleasantries in life, learning to adapt to live a certain way, and finding common ground with the people around you.


Final Thoughts on How to Feel Myself Again

There are going to be some messy periods during the healing process, and some find themselves crying to release the emotion and stress from the event or illness.

Some have to turn feelings into art or produce something to put that energy and emotion into to create instead of self-destroy.

Then you have the activities of mind that need to stay busy and focus on the new self, creating a stronger version mentally that can handle the pressures of an ever-changing world.

In the final retrospect, finding the will to better oneself can lead to finding a release and route to a newer and more promising future.

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