How To Get Back At Your Evil Older Sister

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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To get back at your evil older sister, you may be considering enacting cruel revenge. This solution seems like the most obvious and easy answer.

However, revenge is usually not the solution to any problem. While it may be tempting, there are often many consequences that people do not consider when it comes to taking revenge.

You have to consider where you are in your relationship with your sister and whether you believe revenge is worth it. Keep reading to find out if revenge is a good idea for you as well as alternate solutions.


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Is This a Good Idea?

No, getting back at your evil older sister is not a good idea. While you may think getting back at your evil older sister is the way to go about it, it is not. Getting back at someone often does not go the way you plan and can lead to you being more hurt than before.

Not only could you hurt your feelings, but you could also hurt your relationship with your sister further. Trading blows when dealing with any relationship is detrimental to both sides.


Can You Really Benefit from a Revenge?

No, you really cannot benefit from revenge. Revenge always seems like a good idea at the moment, but as mentioned, it often just makes things worse. In the heat of the moment, revenge can feel amazing, like you’ve won. This feeling does not last, however.

There is never any lasting benefit from revenge. On the contrary, it can result in a severe physical and mental toll on yourself as well as the person you are getting revenge on.

Oftentimes, revenge backfires, or it can result in an endless loop of revenge or hatred. It creates a deeper rift and allows for neither person to heal or move on. You will feel terrible about the situation for even longer by giving in to revenge.


How do you Deal with an Evil Sister?

Healthily deal with your evil sister through communication and boundaries. Revenge is very tempting, but the better way to go about it is always through communication. Talk to your sister about how she is making you feel, and be specific while avoiding being accusatory.

Sibling rifts often stem from shared trauma or miscommunication. This means most situations can be solved by talking them through and setting boundaries on both sides.


Should You Just Move On?

However, other steps must be taken if it is beyond that point. The next solution might be the very simple but difficult step of moving on. Moving on takes a lot of time.

It requires patience and dedication, as well as a lot of hard work. You should try communicating better your problems and what exactly is bothering you, and why you have issues with her.

And this is something that goes both ways, so you need to make sure your sister is also comfortable enough to tell her side of the story.

And in case it is not mutual, it is not going to work. If things are beyond fixing, it may be time to accept reality and move on from that relationship to maintain your health.


Final Thoughts on How To Get Back At Your Evil Older Sister

Revenge is an easy answer. It is founded based on your brief emotions and is often very impulsive. But revenge is not the correct way to go about any relationship. Even if your sistership is beyond repair, revenge is not worth it for you either.

Not only will revenge damage your sister, but it will also damage you. If you ever hope to repair things with your sister, don’t put yourself in this situation. Revenge often becomes a never-ending loop of hurt. Always go about other solutions to maintain your health and hers.

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