How To Know When To Hold On And When To Let Go?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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There are going to be plenty of different types of processes that will determine when a person should hold on or let go.

This can be referring to a person, relationship, item, object, or vehicle to give you an idea of what is meant by ‘holding on or letting go.

When it comes to a relationship, the person will have to evaluate the overall impact on the two people involved and determine what is best for one another.

Sometimes that means letting go, and there is just not enough going well to consider staying together; other times, it will take a period of reflection to really think about the reasons for getting together and how good it was when being in the relationship.

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How Can You Know What You Should Do?

This will be a person-to-person, relationship-to-relationship basis that will change how to approach a situation.

Different situations will need to be thought about in relative ways, including thinking about situations in the world that are going to be worse than your current one but also being aware of those that have achieved more, knowing how they got there and why.

There will need to be a period of thinking and reflecting on the need to hold on or let go; are there going to be emotional, mental, and physical tolls that are worth being taken?


When do you Know if a Person is Worth Holding on to?

This will be a kind of dirty judging process, which can be nasty and uncomfortable at times, but it needs to be done; think about all the negative aspects of the relationship and how they affect you as a person.

Then immediately after creating a list, go back over and think about all the positive things that come with a relationship, and if those things, in addition to love, are enough, then this person might be worth holding onto.

This can be emotional and hard to process, especially for relationships that have been ongoing for some years and include children.


Who Do You Need to Let Go of?

There is a common consensus that states that toxic people will need to be let go of. Most of the time, it is mental illness coming out in the form of bullying and self-dislike. However, there will be a rare case in which a person is willing to get treatment for the better.

This will also be part of the nasty judging process, leading to emotions that can be conflicting, involving pleasant memories and past events attended by the person that just left.

One psych expert compared it to death because the person you were in a relationship with has moved on, or ‘died’ in a sense.


What if You Let Someone Go and Regret it?

This is an inevitable part of grieving, breaking up the process when there is time for reflection on the relationship and the good emotions return as memories resurface. There will be a period of time when someone regrets their decision to break up or let someone go.

If you do end up regretting a decision, take time to think about why because maybe you see it differently in hindsight.

Then, remember what that was that you enjoyed about the relationship, move on, or if you must know, call that person – effective communication is key in any relationship.


What Hurts More, Holding on or Letting Go?

This will be tough because some relationships end for reasons that should not happen, while others end because they should, and everyone sees it.

For example, if you were in an intimate relationship or were really close with someone, but events occurred in which being together is no longer an option, holding on can be an extremely harmful experience and be unhealthy emotionally and mentally.

This will be where letting go will be the best thing for a person’s mental health because the toll on the mind and body will be too much. Unfortunately, this will not be the case for all relationships.


Final Thoughts How to Know When to Hold on and When to Let Go

Relationships will be a roller coaster of time. No matter the people involved, things happen that will change a person’s mood in an instant.

Humans have emotions, which will take different forms when responding to the break-up, and grieving process and will be as unique as the individual going through the situation.

There are going to be people that will not be compatible with others.

The reflection process will help a couple think about the value of the relationship and whether to pursue a fix or salvage what is left and move on.

Remember, people are invaluable, even if they are mentally unstable, but it is their responsibility to get treatment or therapy.

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