How To Know Your Heart Is Broken?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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Life has three basic stages of understanding when it comes to the laws of attraction, love, and loss. The first is an innocent love that comes from mutual attraction and normally burns hot.

You will hear songs of these kinds of relationships, but the truth is most do not end up lasting, and the sadness that comes after a break-up will signal a broken heart. Then you will have a second love.

These can be just as hot but normally are geared towards moving in an adult direction, but the pain suffered can be the hardest of broken hearts to deal with.


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Are There Any Physical Symptoms?

The late Carrie Fisher’s mother died from what doctors call a broken heart, which can only be backed up by the withdrawal from a life she engaged in after the passing of her daughter.

So, therefore, yes, there are going to be physical symptoms that result from a broken heart.

Many experts refer to the grieving process, which occurs when a family member or loved one dies, or when a spouse or lover ends a relationship.

Then, the chest, mind, and spirit take a sort of blow that can cause massive damage to sensitive and hard people alike.


What Feelings Do You Get Once Your Heart is broken?

The majority of the feelings will be a mixture of sadness, loneliness, anger, resentment, and confusion amongst the jumble of various other memories.

The truth is if you have spent a long time with a person when they suddenly are not there, a person will experience loss, like losing someone to death.

There will be chances of mental illnesses occurring, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, amongst other grieving-related illnesses. In the end, there will need to be a reflection and then gratitude for all the good memories and to let them go.


Is it Normal to Feel Depressed?

When leaving a relationship or losing a loved one, there is going to be time for grieving and loneliness. For some people, that will sink them into a depressed mindset which might need to be addressed by a mental health professional.

Even further, a certified doctor will be able to diagnose and prescribe medications for a patient suffering from the effects of this mental illness.

From there, a person will have to follow the guidelines laid out before them, follow a program of therapy sessions, or even make drastic changes to their diet and lifestyle to get out of the grips of depression.


How Can you Heal?

More than a dozen different paths can be taken to heal from a traumatic event, breakup, or death of a loved one. The most popular one, which may not be the healthiest, would be to fall into addictions, and too many times have people seen this behavior pattern.

This route, however, does not provide an outlet for the illness and should be replaced with visits to doctors and mental health professionals that will know how to make changes for the person in need of help.

This can take the form of medications, therapy sessions, spiritual experiences, and other methods of healing the mind.


How Long Does it Take?

The healing process is not defined by the amount of time but rather by the way in which a person navigates life. For example, are they happy, are they pursuing a passion or goal in life, and what improvements can be seen as they come out of a grieving process?

Men that go through divorce have been known to suffer for years before coming out of a so-called rut, and women will also seek refuge from the damage caused by the loss of a presence.

But, unfortunately, when a person loses a family member, parent, or sibling, there are times when even the slightest memory or emotion can trigger a response.


Final Thoughts on How to Know your Heart is Broken

There are going to be instances in which a person can adopt or find a path to healing. The best practice form at this point is the use of a therapist or psychological doctor that can diagnose any illnesses or issues that need to be addressed.

Even after, some patients will need medications to help correct an imbalance or other physical symptoms of depression.

Heartbreak is no joke, it goes through phases as a human matures, but sometimes a person will need to reach out to others to get the support and care needed.

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