How To Let Go Of Resentment?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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There is that classic saying that states that life is not fair, a statement that many do not like to hear but will know is the truth no matter what. Resentment is defined as bitter indignation at being mistreated, which happens to just about everyone at some point in their lifetime.

The question refers to a skill set that can be developed through different cultural methods; for instance, a spiritual culture will have a medicine of the people to help the individual filled with resentment move forward and find a new purpose, new focus, and drive for life.

Other cultures have different routes to the same healing and refocusing for their people.


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What is the Root Cause of Resentment?

The root cause will be attachment and expectation, to name a couple of examples. If a person resents a choice they made, they are attached to the past and expect things to turn out differently.

If a person allows themselves to dwell on the past event, trapping emotion and thought within a historical happening that cannot be changed, then their root cause will be the inability to move on and let go of that event.

So then, the root cause of resentment is the lack of maturity on the part of the resenting individual.


Why is it so Hard to Let Resentment Go?

There are going to be certain situations that are harder than others, such as when a lover cheats on you and ends a relationship.

However, there is more than just the event to deal with, and there are going to be emotional impacts along with daily life changes and social engagement differences, which will take time to adjust to.

The times when a person gets knocked down, metaphorically (sometimes literally), are going to be the times when character shines through, and acting on resentment typically comes in the form of revenge.

But, unfortunately, this will only make things worse by continuing the cycle of suffering instead of taking power within oneself to break the cycle of abuse, heartache, and pain.


What Happens When You Hold Onto Resentment?

There are going to be many negative health impacts for those folks that hold negativity inside, and resentment is just another form of negative emotion and energy that harms.

Over time it comes out in emotional outbursts, mental health disorders, and illnesses, but it also can have physical ramifications.

There are some that will deal with resentment by drinking, smoking, or doing other bodily harm instead of using those luxuries to celebrate life and enjoy the little things.

Many have been exposed to a person that has taken this path, where being in that altered state becomes more important than anything else.


How Can You Get Rid of it?

There are going to be many pathways to healing from this negative emotion, but the best place to start will be meditative activities.

This means finding an activity that puts you in a good mindset, such as activities like reading, hiking, and martial arts, among the millions of things humans can do.

Suppose you are looking for a more immediate aide. In that case, there are multiple cultures and psychoanalysts that will teach a person breathing techniques that will allow the mind to focus on the most minimal needs of the human body.

Breathing, blood pumping, nutrition, digesting, and being distributed, and so forth.


How Long Does it Take to Do it?

This process is very similar to the grieving process, which is one that takes a different amount of time for everyone. Therefore, no timeline or step-by-step program can dictate this healing process and make it a certain calendar length of time.

The time it takes is out of a person’s control, but there are some things that can be done to help speed the process up.

Actions such as picking up a new hobby, especially one like Art, Martial Arts, or Yoga that involves meditative practices for participants, can connect you to like-minded people and new energies.

As soon as the ‘new normal’ can be established, a person will be able to move forward without resentment.


Final Thoughts on How to Let go of Resentment 

Resentment is one of those emotions that can trap a person in a cycle of suffering, but this does not have to be a permanent situation. People will process emotions differently and at varying paces; there is no timeline or quick fix when it comes to the healing process.

There is going to be the standard advice that comes from most health experts and professionals, which includes being active, exercising regularly, and eating healthy.

However, doing so can only help improve mood and emotions towards the self and take the mind away from dwelling on the past.

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