How To Reply To A Toxic Person

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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Some of the hardest people to deal with are the toxic people, especially the ones that like aggravating and upsetting people for what seems like life for fun.

This can be degrading and energy-consuming to continually combat a person who slanders, insults, and attacks you night and day.

The best way to reply is to not reply to any insults or rumors that will falsely incriminate you – there are going to be people that will say or do anything to get a rise out of a person.

Another thing to do is to confront the toxic person and ask them to repeat themselves. If they don’t, you will have a non-violent moral victory.

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How Do You Approach This Issue?

There are going to be a few ways to go about this. Here are a few straightforward examples of how to handle a toxic person.

The kind that continues to engage in aggressive or passive-aggressive behavior will inevitably have a point where a conflict will occur unless prevented.

Preventing such actions will include having a civil talk with this person, surrounded by family (especially if a father or mother of authority is present), or by a third-party authority (such as a psychologist).

Then each side will have a chance to say their part, and a solution will be agreed upon (or not agreed) upon.


How Should You Express Your Issues with Them?

This, again, is best done with a third-party authority on hand, such as a mother or father in the family; or a doctor/lawyer that can maintain an official record of the conversation.

Again, however, there should be no reason not to express oneself fully while these figures are present.

An intervention or group therapy session can offer reasonable accommodations and consensus solutions about the problem without unnecessary fighting and demoralizing behavior.

If the toxic person is unwilling to meet these conditions, it shows a reflection of the type of person they are and how seriously their words should be taken.


How Can You Fix This?

The biggest issues between the two parties should be addressed within one of these sessions or family meetings; they need to be set on the table to make everyone aware of what they are.

Then, once these issues are made plain, there needs to be a discussion about them and how to resolve them.

The easier ones should be taken care of first to get them out of the way and compete, but then do not by any means avoid the tougher issues. Once the easy ones are done, the two parties should take on one issue at a time until a resolution is found.


Should You Just Ignore it?

There are going to be consequences either way. If you are the person being insulted, just ignore the attacks. But, one, there is going to be an overwhelming backlash of people that will maintain these lies, even going as far as making it known to you.

Then, if you go and confront the person, at least you attempted to have the conversation needed to fix the issue.

Ignoring the insults from there will be the better choice when concerning your mental health and will be seen as being strong in the face of another person’s reckless hate.


What If It Does not Stop?

As mentioned before, some people enjoy aggravating and upsetting people in order to create a chaotic and hostile atmosphere, and no matter what a person does, there is going to be a continued trend of behavior showing no apology for the insult.

These kinds of people are to be ignored after an attempt or two at recompense. In the end, the insults will reflect their true selves more than you; the person being insulted and slandered.

There are psychological reasons for bullies and their trolling type of behavior, most of which come from deep seeded painful, traumatic experiences that have shaped their mental patterns.


Final Thoughts on How to Reply to a Toxic Person 

This world is full of bullies, jerks, and mean-spirited people that will do anything to get a rise out of someone; there is a psychological reason for this need for others to share the inadequacies when it comes to behavioral and emotional patterns.

To go a bit further, some need others to look bad to make themselves look better by comparison for whatever reason it may be.

The best thing is to maintain the mental image of self-value and not to lose the knowledge that one’s true worth does not come from someone else’s opinions. The mature one will know when to shut down any attempts at healing the rift with a toxic person.

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