How to Stop being Self-Conscious

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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To be to the point, self-consciousness is an evolutionary development that human brains acquire upon reaching the top of the food chain, then staying there.

There is no healthy way to remove self-consciousness. Most of the time, being knocked unconscious is the only way to have this happen or sleeping.

However, there are ways to be less self-conscious or heal from being overly self-conscious; it takes time and personal development.

Most reach for spirituality, a change of career, or a living situation, but the idea is to create a self-image that expresses who we really are, and the person can be confident without needing to obsess about it.

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Is it Okay to be Self-Conscious?

This will be a matter left up for debate. Some eastern medicine, and especially Buddhists, will focus on the self and discover nothingness along with the realization of oneness.

Some reach for prayer, devoting their worship to their saviors and prophets, to which they personify the morals of that divine deserving representation.

Then you will have situations where people become unhealthily obsessed with their image, to the point where mental illnesses form. In this case, it will not be okay to be self-conscious. In fact, at this stage, most refer to the steps mentioned in the opening section of the article.


Is it Common to Always Feel Self-Conscious?

Yes, everyone will have a sense of self at all times of consciousness. However, there will be certain situations when daydreaming or similar occurs, where some can lose themselves for moments at a time.

What would be considered uncommon, even possibly a developmental disorder, would be a person unaware of their self and personal relationship with their own mind?

If you become worried about your image, or self, a smart first step will be to find a place to relax, to allow for a calmer mind to process and think clearly, free from reckless emotional decision-making. Just know all human minds will have some sense of self.


How Can You Fix it?

Certain methods will help a person get their mind right, and most reach for a therapist or some sort of guru to find spiritualism.

Through spirituality, many find the power of prayers and meditation, which rewires the brain to be more calm and confident with what we have and teaches the mind to be more grateful and content.

Our world has gotten very competitive, but as we realize there is such a thing as too much competition, folks will become less stressed out in the workplace; Europe has installed four-day workweeks that reflect how these sorts of changes can improve the quality of life.


What Can Help You the Most?

The best support comes from those who love you, which can be blood relatives or family, friends, and or supportive community members.

When you have people in your corner, the knowledge of having loving people backing you up can work wonders on a person’s confidence and swagger going through life.

When a traumatic event occurs, to which a person finds themselves questioning their self-awareness and self-consciousness, it would be smart to find a new platform to heal and rebuild one’s personal image and relationship with that new self.

Seeking a mentor or therapist can help you formulate new perspectives and self-images.


Should You Talk About it?

Yes, but with only the people that you trust. When you open yourself up and talk with people about personal details, be sure you can trust them. Nothing is worse than having someone use those intimate facts about you negatively.

But be sure to talk about it, it is important to have someone that you can talk to, and today it is easier than ever to find good help. If you have good parents, call them.

If you have a best friend, text them; if you have an adult friend you trust, meet up with them.

Sometimes all the mind needs are someone to put the last puzzle pieces into place for you.


Final Thoughts on How to Stop Being Self-Conscious

Your mental health is important. Moving forward, you should consider it a high point of Maslow’s needs.

With a positive outlook on life, folks have turned their lives around and gotten back up to create something better than the first version. This will mean taking days off, finding time to do something fun occasionally, and allowing yourself to feel joy and enjoy living.

Not all ways of life will agree, but there is such a thing as being overly competitive. As with everything, moderation is key. Do not overdo it, but do not lose that confident sense of self.

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