How To Stop Being Too Much

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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This is going to be a very simple process that can take a lifetime to achieve, which can become arduous in nature. The first step is to begin simplifying your life, focusing on the activities that provide relief or positive feelings to arise when performing them.

From there, the right friendships and professional relationships will form as you participate in the activities that make you happiest. These will be people that will help you make it via the lifestyle you want, even if rap music is your calling or Rock ’n’ Roll music is all you know.


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What is Being Too Much?

There are going to be a million different ways to define what ‘too much’ means; in slang terms, when a person is too high-intensity for a chill situation.

Other definitions can refer to when a force is overwhelming or ‘too much when it has superior strength, numbers, or other force.

Another form that can be used when mentioning something is too much can be referring to a person or situation that becomes overwhelming; similar to the previous example, but different in that this is more mental and emotional in the definition.

Then you have the country song “too much fun,” which will tell you otherwise.


What Causes an Intense Personality?

There are going to be different factors that play into a person developing into an intense personality; the most common form is to be and live with intense people that are looking for the next thrill or rush.

There are cultures centered around racing that have this intense lifestyle; warrior culture includes an intense living with constant alertness and protective instincts (military, police), similar to the extreme athletes.

There are some survival techniques that require a person to be high energy, ready for anything, and with the ability to react at a moment’s notice.

Even athletes can be seen firing themselves up during the heat of competition, which by association can be intense by definition.


Do you Really Need to Change it?

There are going to be adjustment periods for everyone, and there is a major blending of cultures going on throughout the world; There are going to be growing pains, but in the end, yes, everyone will have to change somewhat to make things work.

Or at least have the ability to compromise when appropriate. There are times when a person needs to behave and not take out their trauma or issues on other people.

There is going to be a fine balance between being oneself and allowing themselves to be over the top and flamboyant, along with being respectful to other more low-key and mellow cultures that are trying to adapt to the same new world as you.


How to Tell if You Just Haven’t Found the Right Person?

There are going to be a multitude of red flags or signs that will indicate that a relationship is unhealthy for a person. Sometimes it will be that a person is mentally unstable, needs medication, or suffers from an illness that cannot mesh with another’s mellow personality.

Other factors include lifestyle choices, and there are going to be some folks that drink and others that do not, for example. Then there are other living schedules that conflict, such as a person being keener on mornings and others being what is considered to be a night owl.


Why Do You Feel Like You’re Too Much?

This can be because of a few factors; one of the more prevalent reasons would be because of mental illness. Depression and similar diseases can cause a person to overthink or judge themselves too harshly – or create issues where there are none.

Another reason for a person to struggle with their feelings of self-doubt or of ‘being too much comes from the desire to fit in.

There will also be times when something traumatic happens, such as a death, that creates emotional pain from memories that provided positive mental and emotional reactions in the past.


Final Thoughts on How to Stop Being Too Much

There are going to be many times in life when learning will take place, and the most formidable teacher is that of heartache and pain; especially when a loved one dies or becomes distant from the family, then there will also be losing someone in a break-up.

There will also be times when literal pain will change the mental state of a person, and injuries can become the catalyst for change in a person’s life.

There are athletes, blue-collar workers, and combat veterans that can be seen walking around with life-altering injuries that have changed their lives permanently all because of one single event.

Take care of your mental health, people, don’t let people destroy your inner peace.

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