How To Stop Breaking Your Own Heart?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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There are going to be many times, after a breakup or traumatic event, that you will want to become lost in those emotions or memories. The best thing to do is not dwell in the past but acknowledge the event that occurred and make the best of each next situation.

Overthinking, in general, is unhealthy but can be extremely harmful when reflecting on an old relationship. On the contrary, when it comes to losing a loved one, which becomes a grieving process, it will be more than likely more beneficial for one’s mental health.


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Why Does it Happen?

The hardest part about relationships is when they, unfortunately, end. This is because the emotional attachments or personal feelings associated with that person are now gone.

Heartbreak comes from creating a love for a person, something that can only be made in the most intimate of settings.

Then having it suddenly and brutally removed from one’s life can be even life-ending in certain situations.

This can be because the chemicals released in the brain when interacting with this person are no longer triggered, causing a deep depression.

Most of the time, heartbreak is caused by a belief being shown to be wrong.


How Can You Prevent It?

The only surefire way to prevent heartbreak is laughing because that is impossible. The simplest things as children cause heartbreak of the minor variety, while as adults, we watch our favorite sports teams lose, which can be devastating.

The best way to avoid bigger and more devastating heartbreaks would be to manage one’s relationships with an almost stoic-like discipline. Or, as some have handled it, do the opposite and let loose, becoming wild in their later years.

It comes down to being able to cope with the reactions your body and mind have to emotions that arise as we get older and experience what life has to offer.


How Can You Heal Properly?

This comes in varying degrees of success because not everyone wants to be healed or saved, and only ones that want to help and heal themselves will be able to.

In addition, there will be some situations where an individual will need more than just time – they must speak to a professional about their issues.

Most of the time, these certified individuals will know how to diagnose and properly guide a person to adequate healing and mental health practices.

However, sometimes this will require a certain amount of medication or therapy to give a person the best chance for successful treatment.


Why Does it Happen?

This is very simple; it is human nature to love and care about things. This comes from being group-oriented and social animals that depend on each other for survival.

Therefore, most people will become attached to one another, to the daily routine of living with them, and to developing a love for family and other close ones, which can be hard when suddenly lost.

Death is hard to process, and the permanent loss of a person is hard, which breakup grieving processes can easily be compared to.

It happens mostly after the ‘first love,’ which psychologists refer to as a teenage or first romantic relationship, because of the innocence and naivety that comes with youth.


Is it Common?

Every person goes through a period in their youth when love is easy. However, most will experience one form of heartache or another before reaching the age of eighteen; this can be by means of losing a loved one or having a grade school relationship that ends.

To add to that, then you have an adult’s love for a sports team, a competitor in an event, or a horse in a race, and you get the point that loses and causes just a bit of heartache each time it happens.

So, yes, heartbreak is a common occurrence in human life; the key is to live knowing this and hopefully dodging the painful ones.


Final Thoughts on How to stop Breaking your Own Heart

There is not much to be said about heartbreak beyond the fact that it hurts, sometimes more than can be rationalized. Life will have its disappointments, have its ups and downs, and when those breakup moments come, just remember you never lose your worth.

You may get beat up, your heart stomped on, your mind abused, and then you remember that even a twenty-dollar bill goes through this regularly.

People still want that twenty because it does not lose its value, as a person does not lose their value. Heartbreak will come and go, but this should not deter someone from living their life, doing good, and having fun.

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