How To Stop Holding On To The Past?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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There are events in history that have changed humanity permanently, such as the Black Plague or the World Wars. Here, as the 2022 year comes to an end, there have been quite a few of those events in the past few years, including a Pandemic of global impact.

Some will say to forget the bad and leave it all in the past, but the truth is that our past will never leave us, and the beast cannot be outrun.

Instead, a person will need to face the past, accept what happened, then, once tamed, turn around and use this newfound strength to forge a new life.


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How Can You Move on?

There are going to be different types of dwelling; break ups and death of loved ones will have an emotional grieving process.

The loss of these people that brought positive feelings of love and affection takes time to adjust to, which can only be healed by time and finding new passions or rekindling old ones.

Other situations, which include the metaphorical being knocked down by life, will take a revitalization in an activity, artform, and learning to find what was lost in the possibilities of the future.

Many take the path of meditation, finding a dojo, guru, or yogi to dedicate themselves to.


How Long Does it Take?

Human beings are like snowflakes in that there are now two alike, and even twins will develop different personalities and passions from their siblings.

In effect, this means that there is no timeline for healing or being able to move on from an event, situation, or relationship.

Everyone will take as long as it takes them; the individual can take advice and work on finding new outlets to rebuild what was destroyed (metaphorically speaking).

Depending on what happened during this past event, steps can be taken to speed up the process, but there is no way to tell the exact timing.


Do you Need to keep Yourself Occupied?

One of the most solid pieces of advice given to a person suffering from a breakup, heartbreak, resentment, or else wise is to keep busy.

If a person does not allow the mind to lose focus on the new goals, the new emotion, positive feelings, then the rewards of staying busy will come with time.

The most damage comes from a mind that is allowed to dwell on the pain, the event that caused the issues, and swim in the damaging emotions that come with reliving it.

Instead, stay busy, focus on the positive reformation of the self, and do not allow the past to destroy any progress made.


Tips That Can Help you Move on

As mentioned before, the best thing to do is stay busy and focus on making positive changes in your life post damaging events. For instance, when it comes to a breakup, some folks will need to get back on the horse to find healing for their broken heart.

Focusing on positive changes can include cutting loss for a holiday, and having fun can lead to finding a person with a similar sense of humor and fun.

Thus, the healing process can begin for this type of person. Other tips include finding a new hobby to focus on, like fishing or another sport.


Things You Need to Avoid Doing

The most important thing to avoid is substance abuse, self-abuse, or any form of. Of course, the event that occurred will have complications and consequences, but that is life; there are always going to be difficult times that come with euphoric times.

Avoid becoming an addict, a drunk, or allowing yourself to slip into these bad habits. Unfortunately, many families have seen loved ones, friends, and others fall victim to using these substances negatively and depending on the effects for happiness.

Another thing to avoid is any self-destruction actions, including suicide; there is nothing in everyday society that equates to it being okay to take your own life.


Final Thoughts on How to Stop Holding on to the Past

There are not going to be many people that experience a life free of pain and suffering; even the rich and lavish living folks experience heartbreak and loss. However, the healing will come from within the individual, local communities, and nations of humanity.

The past will be a teacher, immortal, always there to remind you of what has happened. Yet, finding purpose can be as simple as helping an elder, going home to help the family, and volunteering to make the world better.

Another thing to remember, minimize the damage we have all gone through painful experiences; the most powerful will know that true strength is in reforging the self and not destroying those around them.

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