How To Tell Someone They’re Good Enough?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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Sometimes, we have people in our lives we think the world of. Yet, they might have helped us through horrible situations, made our days much brighter, or even given us hope for the future.

We may think they are strong, smart, and beautiful. But, on the other hand, they may be someone we look up to or try to model ourselves on as a goal to be better.

Unfortunately, these people don’t always see their benefits. They may see problems with themselves and only focus on those issues instead of all of their positives. This may be due to their past or just the way their brain is wired.

Thankfully, we can be there to help them realize that they are good enough and make them feel better in any way we can.

Two men hugging - How To Tell Someone They're Good Enough?

In What Way Should You Say it?

When you tell someone they are good enough, and you want to make it personal. Don’t just say they are good or they are good enough; try to figure out exactly where they feel they are lacking, and go from there.

For example, they may feel like they aren’t good enough because they don’t work hard or are lazy. If that is the case, try to bring up ways they aren’t lazy. Don’t just list off a lot of ways they aren’t lazy, but bring it up in the morning.

Doing it organically and when you notice it is better than sitting down and having a talk or coming up with a bunch of ways that they aren’t lazy. This makes it feel more real, and over time, the positives get into their brain rather than the negatives.


How Can You Convince them It’s the Truth?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any easy way to do this. The world is full of people who will lie to soften the truth or try to be nice. While it is a good thought, it does lead to people feeling like everyone is lying to them to try and be nice.

This means it takes a while before the person you are trying to tell the truth actually feels like it’s true. Again, it is nothing against you, but it is just the way their mind works and part o the way their brain keeps them in denial.

Being heartfelt and personal about it helps, but so does saying the thoughts naturally. So it will be an effort on your part to learn today the things you are thinking out loud when you feel them.

For example, if they do something hard, you may think how amazing they are, but you may only say something like “Thank you” or even nothing. So work on saying your thoughts about how good they are out loud.

If you do it often enough, they may believe it is the truth or at least start seeing themselves in a better light.


When is the Right Time to Say it?

Whenever you think positively about them, you should say it. Of course, it is good not to overdo it, but if you are amazed they got something done that was difficult or that they did well on a test, you should tell them.

We often focus on the negatives of ourselves and are our worst critics, so having someone who can negate those feelings by saying positives can be very helpful.

Don’t feel like you have to sit there and write a whole list. Instead, practice saying your positive thoughts out loud.

Honestly, doing that with everyone, from strangers to close friends and family members, can be a good practice to get into. It makes everyone’s day a little brighter and will give everyone the encouragement they need to keep going.


How Often Should You Let Them Know?

One general guideline is to tell someone positives when you can’t remember the last time you said it. So if you can’t remember telling someone they are beautiful recently, you should try to say it soon.

However, you don’t want to do it too often. By saying it all the time, you risk it losing its meaning. Only tell someone they are good enough and how lucky you are to have them in your life when you mean it or feel a large amount of gratitude for it to keep its meaning.


Can You Show it By Action, Not Words?

Of course! The famous saying “actions speak louder than words” is also true in this scenario. Give them gifts, write them notes, and be there for them when they are having a hard time. All of these show your appreciation and love just the same as words, if not more.

However, we would recommend doing both words and actions. While actions can be nice, they are sometimes overlooked. You can either write out little notes they can keep forever or make an effort to say them occasionally.

This helps to enforce the good, and sometimes hearing the words said plainly can mean more to someone than the actions, or at least have a better impact on their mind. But having actions to accompany your words gives them more meaning.


Final Thoughts on How To Tell Someone They Re Good Enough

Even the most amazing people have doubts. In fact, those that doubt themselves are usually people that are the most compassionate, caring, and helpful to others. But they have their faults and can’t see their good side through the negatives.

Thankfully, people that care for them can make an effort to help by telling and showing that person how much they mean to everyone. This can make a huge difference in their mindset and make them realize how important they are to others.

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