What Is It Called When You Don’t Feel Good Enough?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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Have you ever been called not good enough? It could be because of poor performance or another reason. If you truly are not good enough, a name for this is called Impostor Syndrome.

What is that? That’s what we’ll explore deeper in this post, so you can get an understanding of what it is.


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Is that an Impostor Syndrome?

When you feel good enough or confident in your abilities, it is called Impostor Syndrome. Impostor Syndrome means you doubt your abilities, and you often consider yourself a fraud.

It is a common phenomenon that’s common with people with exceptional skills. They believe that even though they’re good enough, they think they’re a fraud. Or that they’re just lucky.

Do you often feel this way? It’s completely normal. Eventually, you’ll get over it if you believe that you are good enough.


Why is it Called like That?

Impostor Syndrome became a psychological phenomenon in 1978. It was studied by two psychologists who tested a group of men and women. Both men and women believed that despite evidence of their impressive skills, they thought they just weren’t good enough.

These types of people don’t believe that their success is their own, which is why it’s called Impostor Syndrome.


Who came up with that name?

Pauline Rose Glance and Suzzane Imes called this phenomenon “Impostor Syndrome” in 1978.

At first, it was originally thought it was limited to women because women thought they weren’t good enough. But after doing research, Glance wrote a paper that it occurs in both men and women.


Are there cases where it’s called something else?

Impostor Syndrome is also called perceived fraudulence. This means if you are having feelings of self-doubt and personal incompetence, then you would see yourself as a fraud and a failure.

If you feel this way often, know that there are ways to overcome that feeling.


How can you overcome that feeling?

You know that you may be suffering from this phenomenon, but let’s look at how to overcome that feeling.


Share your feelings

Share those feelings if you don’t feel good enough because you feel it’s not recognized! This is helpful if you don’t trust your own facts. It can also help reduce loneliness, which is great for mental health as well.


Always celebrate your successes

Even if you get a little done, celebrate that. This means that you put your best self out there, and you believe it was good enough. It does not matter how small or big the success is, and it’s always a reason for celebration.


Don’t worry about perfectionism

This is what a lot of geniuses with Impostor Syndrome suffer from. They want everything to be perfect, and they will stress until it is. But perfectionism can get the best of someone.

Allowing yourself to make some mistakes sometimes will help you grow. This means you can learn from it and not repeat the same mistakes. Therefore, you’ll be less stressed because you’re not always trying to be perfect.


Final Thoughts on Not Feeling Good Enough

When you have those days where you feel you aren’t good enough, you are not alone. The good news is that it’s fairly common in 86% of people who feel the same way.

But with some coping methods, you can get over the feeling of not being enough and start putting out your best self.


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