What To Do When You’ve Lost Motivation?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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There are times when a writer experiences writer’s block, which occurs when a person gets depressed or distracted, or what have you. It takes time to work through the block, to find a new muse or spark of inspiration that lights the creative parts of you.

If you have a loving family, then reaching out to them might just be the medicine that was needed to find that lost motivation. Pursue an interest outside of the ones that you have been participating in regularly, and the learning process will invigorate the mind and body.


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What Causes Loss of Motivation?

There are going to be many different reasons for a person to lose interest in something or lose motivation. The list is innumerable and cannot be covered in the amount of space available, but the most common is loss or death.

When a person dies or a break-up occurs, there is a grieving process in which motivation will be most affected. Individuals deal with this grieving process.

Differently, some find motivation in the loss and seek to create something, while others will shut down and hide away from the world to process the emotions without outside influences.


What Can You Do?

As mentioned before, seeking new forms of entertainment, or finding comfort in familiar programming, is going to be a different process for everyone. To find motivation, first, find what makes you happy and select the appropriate one that will get you hyped.

Depression signs will include not being able to find reasons for being excited, which can be the reason for motivation loss and an inability to complete the before-mentioned steps of finding activities that bring happiness to one’s life.

In this case, seeking professional medical health will be advised as soon as possible. Mental illness should be taken very seriously.


Does Keeping a Journal Help?

As a writer, keeping a journal has helped with some of the tougher emotional times in my life. In short, yes, keeping a journal will help a person process the situation and emotions that correspond with the current event.

Be sure to keep the journal in a secure place to keep those feelings and thoughts safe until ready to share with a therapist or the world. If those thoughts are not for the world and to be kept locked up, consider a therapeutic burning when the time seems appropriate.

Creating art is another good use for journals, do not limit your creativity when making a journal entry.


Can Exercise Help You?

As the doctor’s saying goes, “be sure to exercise regularly” might sound like a slogan from a show, but it speaks the truth about overall health benefits.

Exercising regularly will improve inner systems like the cardiovascular system, along with mental improvement and confidence in a healthy body.

If you exercise regularly, then a continued effort to improve will be just the thing. Even pushing oneself might yield a new person type of confidence that can help motivate the other parts of one’s life.

If you are new to exercise, just wait. Emotional confidence comes at a time when the results begin to be noticeable.


Things You Shouldn’t Do

The easiest thing to do is reach out for a substance, a quick fix that will make a person feel better or ‘make the pain stop.’

The most accessible item would be alcohol, which, when consumed, can create feelings of euphoria while shutting down the memory portions of the brain.

Sounds good until you speak to the people that deal with the hangovers and negative aspects of drinking.

The same can be said for the recreational use of drugs and letting those outlets steal your very being. Be sure not to give up. The last thing that anyone should do is give up on life, no matter what.


Final Thoughts on What to do When You’ve Lost Motivation

Emotions can seem like the end of all things, but to let them control you is to be at the mercy of the world around you. Knowing, processing, and then allowing oneself to just be is the key to learning ways of dealing with motivation loss.

Negativity stems from the people that feel it when they share it and use it to create positive or not at all.

Do not let the people that do bad, lie and slander, create trouble for others, or are willing to harm another person for mere personal benefit take away those good things that motivate you.

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