Which Is More Important Money Or Happiness?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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Have you recently asked yourself this question? This question is common because it can lead one to believe that money can buy happiness. However, while money does make life easier, it doesn’t have an effect on your emotions.

Can happiness win over money? That’s, of course, up to you. Do you need to know why both could matter? Read on to see how one affects the other to determine which is better for you.


Dollar bills in a hand - Which Is More Important Money Or Happiness?

What Makes Happiness More Important than Money?

It is possible to be happier without money. This is because money can not teach you morals and values and handle different emotions. Here’s how happiness can affect you:


Long-Term Effects on Mental Health

In today’s world, getting sad, depressed, or even angry with everything going on is easy. But if you feel happier, it can be better for your mood in the long run.


Physical Health

Your emotions can most certainly affect your physical health because your body responds to stress. So, it’s better if you are happier just for your physical health.



Money can’t buy feelings. However, happiness exists in relationships that are stable.

As you see, these are just some things that make happiness more valuable than money. Money cannot guarantee anything, and happiness plays into a lot of factors in life.


Can You Truly Be Happy Without Any Money?

While it’s widely reported that most people are happier when they are happy, there are some who are happy without.

This could be because without money, you appreciate the smaller things in life and value time more. These are the people who live a simple life and do not want much. So, it is possible to be truly happy without money.


Where Does Happiness Come From?

Happiness comes from within ourselves. We have to enjoy what is happening around us. Some may think that happiness starts in our brains, but that’s not entirely true.

Happiness depends on our genetic factors, our environment, and the relationships that we are in. Remember, relationships can bring us some form of happiness, but they should never be the root of any happiness.

Hormones also play a role in our happiness. If it’s unbalanced, you may experience other ranges of emotions, including happiness.

It is known that people in good physical health are known to be happier than people who aren’t. This may be because they feel good about the way they look.

Did you know that happiness can also come from meaning? Some material things can bring us a lot of meaning and, therefore, happiness.

These are just some of the places where happiness truly comes from. Then, of course, it’s up to the person to find it within themselves to be happy with who they are and how things are going.


How Can You Be Happy Without Much Money?

It is possible to be happy without a lot of money. Here’s how:


  • Don’t stress about material things
  • Don’t buy things you don’t need
  • Indulge in hobbies that don’t cost money


People can have happy relationships with money being involved. You can learn new things together and enjoy the simpler side of life without worrying about how much is being spent.


Why Money Will Not Make You Happy?

Sometimes money will not make some people happy. This is because it can cause anxiety and stress. For example, let’s say you’re struggling to pay bills. Having money would be stressful because you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

But if one has a bit more money, sometimes it can be anxiety-inducing because you fear losing it.

Sometimes money causes relationships to break off. This is because fights happen when money is involved. Most of the time, the relationship is resolved, but sometimes it can break off.

Some of these reasons are why having money sometimes will not make you happy. It can, in fact, cause problems that you’ll have to deal with.


Final Thoughts on Money and Happiness

Money can’t buy happiness. As much as it can make our lives easier, happiness comes from within. If you are unhappy with yourself, money won’t change anything. So, it’s important to find happiness in simple things.

It can be a hobby or whatever that makes you smile. Money is just a bonus added to our happiness, so remember that when you feel it’ll solve all problems.


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