Why Are You So Self-Conscious About Your Appearance?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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In the natural world, attraction is as important to an animal as the ability to survive. How else will you find a mate? As advanced animals of the earth, we still have the primitive parts of the brain that send us signals about attracting a mate.

Humans have evolved to develop various cultures and ways of life, which has made the simple ways of attracting more complex. Developing adolescents’ years and into adulthood go through a mentality change.

The body matures and begins to enter the reproduction phase, which all of Earth’s mammals go through.

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Is This Common?

Everyone goes through this stage in their lives, every human being will have a period of time where they begin to develop a sense of self, and that will include a person’s appearance.

We like to control how people view us, such as fashion tastes or transportation preferences, which can help tweak how the world sees us.

This is important to the baser self. We as individuals begin the journey of discovering faith, spirituality, and ways of life that are different from our own to find our truest selves. That person is happy with the body given to them and the time allotted for them here on earth.


Why Does it Happen?

In the basic answer form, it is because we are mammals, and as such, we attract mates through our appearance and sensory stimuli. It feels good to feel attractive, and it means that we have found someone that wants to mate in the basic actions and thoughts.

As we have evolved, these attractions earn us money along with the ability to mate; both elements are needed to survive in the modern world, to which certain importance on appearance has been placed upon today’s human mind.

This is a completely natural need, those that do not might be suffering from a mental illness or poverty situations.


How Can You Fix it?

As with anything that needs ‘healing,’ it takes a step of acknowledging the problem to begin the process. In this case, it is learning that your body does not need to fit into the popular ideals of ‘sexy’ or ‘attractive.’

Only see them as a guideline. See the models as people, providing what they think will attract an audience or a mate. Not all people will see them as suitable partners or even good-looking.

Realize that living your life the way you want will build a body providing an appearance reflecting the truest reality of your lifestyle, then hopefully attract someone who lives that same life.


How Long Does it Take to Stop Being Self-conscious?

Understanding the reality of self-consciousness will take on different forms depending on the way of life being considered, and many Buddhists will consider the self a part of a singular existence.

Learning to focus the consciousness on simple thought in order to gain a complex understanding of the world.

Other’s realities, science for one, will speak of humanity becoming self-conscious when we took a major evolutionary step and finally sat atop the food chain.

Therefore, you will always be self-conscious unless placed in a trance, in Acoma, knocked unconscious, or under the influence of neuro drugs.


How Do You Begin?

If you are seeking peace of mind, consider searching into your genetic spirituality and your heritage in order to start down the path of finding yourself.

This does not mean you have to follow your ancestors’ beliefs, but understanding where you come from is the base of understanding where you come from.

Delving into the past will be painful. Reality is a tough pill to swallow, but once you face this challenge and battle your inner self, you can move forward with a new understanding.

Meditation comes the same as prayer, allowing yourself to think and explore faith; you begin to see the realities of other cultures and faiths and begin a new level of understanding.


Final Thoughts on Why are You so self-conscious About Your Appearance?

Humanity became self-aware once we hit the top of the food chain. This allowed for more cognitive functioning parts of the brain to develop a sense of self beyond what Earth’s animal kingdom had not previously achieved.

Losing consciousness has never been considered a good thing. Most in this state are risking death or suffering traumatic effects from such an event.

Therefore our instincts have been formed in such a way to perform certain actions, dress and appear a certain way, and communicate what our DNA tells us are the keys to survival.

We are currently going through an evolutionary change in which sexual preferences have changed and expanded into new territory.

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