Why Did You Lose Your Motivation?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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Recently, psychological and sociological studies have discovered that social media has done a number on the confidence of the human population, leading to higher levels of depression.

Many forms of motivation loss center around a depressive mindset or situation or heartbreak that takes time to mend from.

This context is now shared. Next, think about what has caused a grieving cycle in your life and what or who you have lost. These thoughts and questions are going to be the center of finding motivation again.

There are some people that ultimately live for the chance at true love, for instance, and it can be hard to stay motivated after a few failed attempts.

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How Does it Happen?

There are multiple ways for a person to lose motivation; working out, for example, can be hard to stay motivated when the body begins to get sore and initial fatigue levels begin to settle in.

Or a poet might not write for the loss of a lover, heartbreak taking over the primary conscious mind.

There are going to be some reasons, primarily painful or traumatic events, that will cause changes in a person which can translate to the base motivations and priorities.

The most often of these events will be a death, a catalyst of change when a person is faced with the finality of death and the permanence of that loss.


Is it Common?

It can be difficult to maintain motivation during certain times, especially during a shut-in and close-everything event like the COVID pandemic. These tougher times can make it difficult to focus on the happier sides of life, the positive moments that all people cherish.

This is common during the hardest of times, but there have been times when this was uncommon. It depends on the environment and the situations the people in question are faced with.

The key is to find ways to combat the loss of motivation, depression, and other happiness-sucking situations that can bring a person down.


Is it Normal to Feel this Way?

This is going to be an emotion that will be far from normal, and most people will enjoy being content and finding levels of happiness that contend with the harshness of life.

However, there are people that will use other emotions to keep themselves going, but they keep themselves going and a loss of motivation will be the opposite.

To be fair, it is normal to feel days where motivation is hard to come by. Having sad or upset emotions are part of being a human living on earth. The strength comes from knowing this and learning to get back up after emotions like this knock you down.


How to Gain Your Motivation Back?

When getting your mojo back takes finding activities that make you feel confident and allowing them to fill you with that good vibe. Get back to the things you love, the activities that spark the creative mind that can utilize imagination to unlock the motivation within.

Artists will need to get back to their craft, athletes back to their training, and outdoors folk back to their wilderness areas and, in doing so, find the parts of themselves that make them whole. Finding a new love can spark the embers that restart a dying heart’s furnace.


Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The most common mistake to avoid is to seek out substances for motivation, such as illicit drugs or alcohol.

Do not let these sorts of substances take over your life. Sure there are healthy drinking habits involving a good common sense of moderation, but do not let it take over.

Another common mistake is to beat yourself up for being sad, and there is only so much an individual can take, and sometimes this will lead to losing motivation.

As before, the times that we get knocked down by our lives and emotions also give way to an opportunity to learn to get back up and keep going.


Final Thoughts on Why did You Lose My Motivation

Everybody in their lives is faced with hardships in one form or another. No human escapes these trials and tribulations. Strength comes from within, finding a new motivation to fuel the star in the heart and begin loving the world again.

Do not compare your pain to another’s. Yes, share and find companionship in those that have gone through similar, but do not make it a competition.

Let yourself heal, and there will be days of the highest motivation, but then there will also be days of the opposite; be sure to stay steadfast and remain true to a loving code.

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