Why Do We Go Through Hard Times In Life?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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The truth is that even in childhood, blind to the troubles of the world, hard times strike during unplanned times. A perfect example would be the COVID pandemic and the complete shutdown of the world’s traffic and everyday living.

Most of the toughest situations will be caused by natural disasters, weather-related and concerning natural and property damage.

However, many folks who find themselves in hard times learn that though we may fall, these difficulties in life teach us to pick ourselves up and dust off to move forward.

Hard times will be temporary for those willing to work themselves out of it, to be followed by the best of times.

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Is it Normal?

For the majority of the world, hard times and struggling are a thing of life; just another day for some as they continue through difficulties.

Others will protest in favor of normal being a situation in which all prosper, each person with enough resources to survive, and even some much to have a fancy thing or two.

The definition of normal can be a philosophical debate that could last into the death of the sun a few billion years from now. Normal is more of a content, even unsatisfied feeling, knowing that just a little more effort could yield that much more fruit.


Why are Hard Times Good for You?

Easy times will not test a person or their metal as a being of the earth; hard times press a person into finding faith in themselves, a way of living, and the people around them.

Hard times will teach a person how to save money, cherish love, and the little things that make the world just a little brighter each day.

Hard times are good for learning how to pick yourself up out of the mud, shake off a loss, or find strength inside, which can only be found in times of trouble.


How Long Does it Take to Learn from Hard Times?

Some of the shorter hard times, such as timeout in a child’s youth, can teach a person the value of freedom and, hopefully, the value of cooperation.

However, hard times such as heartbreak will take people a different amount of time, depending on the depth of love and caring for the other and in which the courtship ended.

Financial hard times, or war-torn areas, will take years in most cases, which is mostly because of the overwhelming circumstances that no band-aid can easily mend. Money takes time to make, and buildings and communities also.


Are Hard Times Good for your Mental State?

There will be a few cases in which pressure and hard times will undoubtedly harm some individuals, especially those needing respite and reassurance.

Others, the stronger-minded folks, will find a source inside themselves and learn ways of empowering themselves to never give up.

The best learn to teach these techniques to their fellow humans, in ways of avoiding unnecessary hardships or in ways to live with the hard times and live through the struggle. Hard times teach us to adapt to changing challenges, struggle, and persevere.


Final Thoughts on Why We go through Hard Times in Life

Mental toughness, in some cases, is genetic but, for the most part, can be learned. Not necessarily only through hardship and hard times but through practice and training.

In the ancient past, this meant joining the military and sculpting a new persona out of the mold given by their forbearers. Now there are other means of achievement, through sports, art, and physical challenge to name a few, that have replaced warfare.

The teaching of oneself through physical exercise and regular training of the mind and body can allow for the same strength learned under the harshest of times.

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