Why Do You Expect So Much From Others?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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There are some of us that grew up with the idea that united humanity could create a reality of grandeur and mutual prosperity, holding humanity to a standard that not many can truly fulfill.

This and other reasons, naturally, will propel a person to be optimistic about what humanity can be.

You could have an unrealistic expectation of certain people, making the mistake that others have the same ethics or motivations as you. Some people just do not have what it takes to face the truth, knowing that some cannot or will not be able to do things as well as they can.


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Is it Common?

There is more than just the person asking this question that has been let down by humanity and the behaviors of some. It can be found in therapy rooms, blogs and wallboards, forums, and other places where people express the same unfortunate disappointment in others.

There is not a majority of geniuses on this planet. The average human might have a lower IQ than would be expected, but we are an evolving species, and once we took a large cognitive jump with communication and eating meat, what if we are on the verge of another?

So, this type of thinking is quite common amongst the masses.


Why Does it Happen?

There are more than these reasons, but growing up with a grand idea of what humanity could be. Kids that believe in hope, heroes, and good triumphing over evil will enter the world with the intent to do good.

Some find a way to create good for this world, but there are some that get caught up with the masses and find themselves with folks that see a very different world.

Devoid of hope, created in fear and trauma, to which only a few can help them, these folks have seen and been through the harder times.


How Can You Stop Doing it?

The first thing to help stop judging people is to let go of expectations. People will always do things unexpectedly when you least expect them. Life never goes as planned. To think it will be to do so in vain, allowing for things to disappoint you, is a choice.

Some have been taught to expect the worse, to which everything that goes right will be a pleasant surprise. Even a sarcastic person can find joy in the small successes when looking at life with this mindset, but this can also be a way to manifest failure as well.


What Can Help You to Stop Expecting So Much?

This comes from thinking that people are genuine and kind hearted in a world that does not give much incentive for being so.

Lowering one’s expectations to zero, knowing that people are unpredictable and will not always act in the best interests of everyone involved, will be a vital step.

Becoming a minimalist, a person that needs less to be happy will also help; needing material things leads only to wanting more, a greedy need to possess more.

This mindset will free a person from the unnecessary competition, plagued old world mindsets that are stuck in a box, and allow people to be seen for the mistake riddle that they are.


How Long Does it Take to Learn it?

This sort of discipline, if not learned at birth, will take time to adjust to. Tuning one’s emotions, reactions, and motivations is like any skill. It takes time and practice to become a master at it.

The most growth comes when dealing with pessimistic people, those that do not see the benefit in acting with good intent towards others because they have been inflicted with mental illnesses.

Most of these afflictions are caused by childhood abuse and living through traumatic events that have caused them to form unhealthy behaviors, habits, and neural patterns.


Final Thoughts on Why do You Expect so Much from Others

Humanity is not without its hope, and we are not doomed to an existence that cannot be corrected or even perfected. The priority should be to find powerful technology that is symbiotic with our planet and that benefits our planet instead of poisoning it.

Improving the environment and habitat in which we live will start a chain reaction of healthier thinking. If the public can find common ground, knowing they can build a better and brighter future can only sow seeds of hope in time following the COVID pandemic.

Do not let the negativity of others shadow the hope for a brighter future. Instead, control yourself, which is the one element you can do, and forgive people for their imperfections.

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