Why Don’t People Change?

Last Updated on June 13th, 2023

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When it comes to animal life on earth, there is a tendency to get comfortable with a routine or track of doing things. Humans will be subject to this same truth; we get so used to doing things a certain way that it becomes almost second nature to fall back into those habits.

There is security in these routines and ways of existence, and it can be hard to change; it is more than hard to see why there should be a change.

Then you have the cases in which people are just mentally ill, which is above my pay grade, and a therapist or psychologist is recommended.


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What Prevents People from Changing?

The toughest thing to do is to make positive changes when bad habits are formed in the environment. For instance, a junkie will struggle to fight off addiction if the drug is being done in their immediate vicinity.

Along the same lines go other brain-wired behaviors, such as going to the bar with the boy’s dopamine responses or ladies’ night with wine and a movie.

The most powerful force against a person changing is themselves; only a person is willing to get help and make the necessary changes to be emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy.

A prevalent force that prevents change will be circumstance and situation, and there will be times things just do not go right.


Why is it so Hard for People to Change?

Change comes with a purpose. When a person has meaning in their life, they grab hold with faith. It will lead them to the life they want.

Of course, there will be situations that will cause people to be unable to fulfill this self-proclaimed purpose, but those caught in these literal and emotional traps will struggle with change.

The human emotional complex is difficult to understand and is as unique as the individual feeling them. These emotions cause people to act and react in a certain way that can trap them in negative circles.


Is it a Good Thing to Never Change?

There is always room for improvement or time for the pursuit of self-improvement that leads to healthy changes. However, there are some things that will be comforting for those close to you if you keep them the same.

So, when it comes to change, it should be done in moderation. As with all things, gradual steps towards self-improvement will lead to better relationships and abilities to handle certain situations.

Traditions that have positive and healthy impacts will be a good thing to never change.


What is it Called when Someone Doesn’t Change?

The most common term would be stubborn. Plenty of people are just too darn stubborn to change the way they are.

It borders on the medical term illness, Metathesiophobia, which says that a person who avoids change, rejects everything new, and creates a ‘comfort zone’ they are unwilling to come out of.

Often, the stubborn person is just unconvinced of the need to change, which they maintain their way of living. They are perfectly healthy, mentally just, and stubborn. There are going to be other nasty terms to use, but those will be saved for another time.


How Do You Know when Someone Won’t Change?

You know, when the person’s behavior does not change, either it is stubbornness or unwillingness to live differently.

There are going to be neurological pathways that cannot be changed. Some behavioral grooves will be dug in too deep, which can be caused by the environment or a traumatic event.

It comes down, once again, to reiterate the individual and their willingness to make positive changes in their life.

But, unfortunately, there are those moments when you are with a person, and they tell you what is going on in their lives, to which their behavior is the same, never changing.


Final Thoughts on Why Don’t People Change

People are complicated, and they require a certain level of understanding and space. Especially when healing from something traumatic or life-altering, people will be emotionally and mentally vulnerable.

Then you will have the Stubborn people, those old men that refuse to drink anything but black coffee in the morning.

Finally, the old woman who refuses to allow swearing in the household is another example of how it comes down to many engraved behaviors that can become a habit or routine.

The question that a person must ask themselves is this, how difficult is it to deal with this stubborn behavior, and can it be bearable?

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